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  • A&L Compliance Training Program A&L Compliance Training Program

    date Lúc 09:15 ngày 23/10/2020 Lượt xem 4740

    Compliance in business means that the conduct of the company must comply with the rules of regulatory bodies. This concept covers all the policies, rules, internal and external controls to which an organization must conform. When in compliance, an organization’s activities will be in full accordance with the rules and laws applied to its processes. Both the company and all its people, including suppliers of interest, need to behave in accordance with the rules of regulatory bodies. In addition, they must ensure faithful ...

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  • A&L Corporate Compliance Policy A&L Corporate Compliance Policy

    date Lúc 02:31 ngày 16/10/2020 Lượt xem 5978

    A&L CARGO SERVICES JSC has established and announced the Corporate Compliance Policy in order to comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

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  • Code of Conduct Code of Conduct

    date Lúc 02:21 ngày 16/10/2020 Lượt xem 5972

    A&L CARGO SERVICES JSC adhere to the norms defined by ethical principles and acts at all levels and locations honestly and ethically.

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  • Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy

    date Lúc 15:34 ngày 31/01/2019 Lượt xem 6853

    A&L Cargo ’s reputation in the marketplace - with customers, vendors, business partners, and with regulators and other legal authorities - is among the Company’s most important assets. 

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